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Tungsten Rings

Our tungsten ring is made of tungsten carbide, it is a very hard and dense metal, and it is also cobalt free and hypoallergenic. The polish and finish will virtually last forever and will never deform or scratch. Tungsten carbide is 10 times harder than 18k gold, 5 times than steel and 4 times than titanium, the hardness is closed to diamond, and it has a very high melting point at 2870 °C (5200 °F).

For this reason, tungsten ring is the most popular choice for practical and stylish couples all over the world.  The unique formula of our tungsten carbide allows the ring to be both visually stunning and durable enough for every-day use. You are no longer required to constantly remove your ring in order to protect its finish. The enduring polish of a tungsten ring together with the solid weight, speak of commitment, security and an everlasting bond. 

The color of tungsten carbide is a very appealing light grey, similar to the color of steel. It’s extremely bright and reflective when polished, and we also have other attractive plated colors such as gold, rose gold, blue or black to suit your lifestyle. Most of our tungsten rings come in 6 mm and 8 mm bandwidth, you can choose the same ring in 2 different band width as a couples ring.

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Most people buy tungsten ring for their wedding band or it’s simply a gift for their loves one, the durability and commanding style is also an excellent choice for men jewelry. We offer laser engraving service, you can engrave any words you like to personalize your ring.

Note: Tungsten rings are the most scratch resistant rings known to man, but they can still be scratched by non-metallic materials, such as diamonds, sapphires, and rocks or construction materials that contain hard crystals. This means scratches can occur and are considered normal wear and tear, not a defective ring.

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