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Jewelry Care

Most metal jewelry naturally tarnishes over time, special care is needed to prolong the brilliant shine, here are some general rules and instructions you can follow:

  • Always keep your jewelry dry, if it gets wet, let it dry completely as soon as possible. 
  • Use a soft lint-free cloth for a quick non-invasive clean-up. It helps to retain the original sheen.
  • Don't wear your jewelry for doing physical work or sports activities, no matter what kind of metal is used, sweat residue will deposit on the surface.
  • The swimming pool is a no-no, chlorine and other chemicals can discolor your jewelry and loosen stones and settings.
  • Apply lotion and perfume before putting jewelry on, give it some time to get absorbs/evaporate, as alcohol in them can discolor and damage your jewelry.

For Sterling Silver Jewelry Care:

  • Use a sterling silver polishing cloth to brighten up solid sterling silver parts of your jewelry. However, avoid any polishing over stones/crystals/pearls and any plated areas.
  • if your jewelry piece is made of mixed metals and stones/crystals/pearls, wash it with mild soap and warm water. Let it dry completely and finish with a soft non-abrasive lint-free cloth (not polishing cloth).
  • Sterling silver always tarnishes, polishes it at least once a month to keep your jewelry fresh and shiny.

For Plated Jewelry Care:

  • Do not use any abrasive cleaning supplies as it will remove the layer of plated material on top of the base metal your jewelry is made of.
  • Use a soft lint-free cloth to clean stains. Let your jewelry dry completely before wearing it.
  • Avoid getting the jewelry wet with water, soap, perfume, lotion, and other chemicals. If the jewelry does get wet, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid getting the jewelry with your sweat. Remove the jewelry when you are going to do exercise or household work.
  • Remove the plated jewelry when you sleep at night to reduce contact with bare skin.


  • Proper care and storage of your finished design pieces will help maintain their quality and luster. Store your jewelry in the original box or pouch. Keep it away from moisture, open air, heat, and direct sunlight to prevent tarnishing or change of color.
  • It is best to store the plated jewelry separate from other plated jewelry, they will rub or scratch against each other and will cause the plating to fade faster, either you keep them in individual plastic pouches or separate them in the jewelry box. 
  • Proper care and storage of your jewelry as well as occasional polishing with a soft cloth will help maintain its luster and beauty over time.
  • After cleaning your jewelry, please make sure it is completely dry before being stored.
  • Silver jewelry that is prone to tarnish is best stored in an airtight container. Any moisture will cause the tarnishing process to begin,  a zip-lock bag with anti-tarnish paper is also highly recommended.

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